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Taken over by food activist, food writer and organic food retailer Debbie Logan in her garage ten years ago, Organic Emporium's core mission is to make an organic lifestyle affordable and accessible.

Organic Emporium has worked with some of our country’s most compelling farmers for regenerative and organic farming models. Today it remains a connection hub between farmers and the consumers who want to access the best nutrition in the most convenient way.


From Debbie:

We have evolved over many years to meet the ever changing South African context and the realities of the farmers who feed us as well as the needs for convenience of a largely harried consumer needing transparency and better food choices.

After shutting down a retail store, the business has gone back to its roots of online deliveries as well as broadened its offering to respond to lessons learnt from that time. Debbie is as adamant as ever about working with the best South African organic farmers and educating consumers about what organic farming is at its core. The word organic has become tragically misunderstood and mis-shapen by marketing interests. By being transparent about the farming philosophy and farmer behind your food, we will continue to connect you the best nourishment we can find and the closest to an organic philosophy we can find. To get a better sense of the founding philosophy behind our ethos, please visit Debbie's blog for articles written through-out the years on farms and other food revolution issues.

Conscious Nourishment Life Coaching.

Founder Debbie Logan started up a nourishment and life coaching practice this year in order to dedicate time for customers who want private, intuitive and holistic coaching for physical, emotional and spiritual places of pain, imbalance or constriction.

After years of in-store interactions with clients, dealing with their nutritional needs connected to various crises of energy manifesting in the body, Debbie Logan’s intuitive coaching practice centres around her core belief that the manifestation of disease, always has an emotional underpinning – connected to a spiritual crisis.

The crises of our time, being that modern day living encourages a disconnect between us and the primordial over-arching energy that we all connect to, that governs all life. Within this universal energy, there is endless access to natural healing that brings us back to our full selves, our divine purpose and releases us from the various constrictions that life trauma creates within us. All trauma, according to Debbie is linked to one root cause, the disconnect that takes our bodies, psyches and souls out of harmony with our heart centre which then constricts access to the soul. We learn to live with our hearts locked down and in facades of identity that eventually causes our life vitality to wear down. At some point the soul will create crises to force us to get the help we need to return to love. These ‘dark nights of the soul’ manifest as breakdowns in our lives, a physical, emotional or life event trigger, that brings us to a point where we cannot avoid our pain any longer. Nor can we longer avoid the fact that we have lost ourselves and we’re aware that we are getting through life, not living.

Disease, stress and unhappiness are soul whispers that its time to return to the heart and to the soul, to the home of our real selves.

To live successfully in modern day society was to have to limit or shut down the heart chakra.

Modern day man has for the most focused on the ego construct and the ‘mind’ to navigate through a consumerist world. Equally to succeed in the predominant business success paradigm, heart centredness was seen as a weakness. When the heart locks down and we live wedded to egoic identities and defences to cope with the fact that we do not feel safe to be our vulnerable, authentic selves, we become unable to connect meaningfully with ourselves and others. We experience a vacuum within ourselves, a loss of something vital and we reach for further identity reinforcement to try and make ourselves better as we panic that we aren’t enough. This is the place where dis-ease starts manifesting as self-destructive behaviours, poor self-esteem, an inability to connect to our emotions, to those of others or to have meaningful relationships where we feel safe to be ourselves. This is the place where the heart ‘shut-downs’ occur, where we fear being vulnerable. With our hearts locked down, we equally are unable to access the heart and its correlated emotional energy of love. We struggle to feel self-love, we cannot believe others love us as we know we’ve only shown them false identities, the only ones we believe we’ll be accepted for. Our love for self, others and life is caged. The vitality of love lost manifests as stress, a lack of vitality, lack of purpose, motivation and hope and then ailments and disease.

After years of connecting her clients to this knowledge through focusing on food from organic farmers who tap into this one energy to produce vitality enhancing nutrient dense food, Debbie experienced her own breakdown and ‘dark night of the soul’ after a stressful period in retail where she experienced the loss of herself and her own heart shutdown.

About that time, she says, ‘it was a gradual process of moving out of the heart-centredness that had characterized my business. The food retail arena and the stress of its capitalist nature pushed me into a survival mentality where at some point I locked down my heart. I constructed a series of ego defences to cope with the ruthlessness, lack of ethics and brutality of what was required to run a retail store in its entirety. Prior I had pushed through a store build, experienced exploitation and betrayal in the process surrounded by one shark after the other smelling the capex. By the time that store build was over, I had to start up a restaurant build, was worn down, under intense pressure and exhausted. I was also going through a protracted and very painful divorce process. The culmination of all that stress turned me into a monster I barely recognized.  I was in a male dominated space at the time and my heart centredness felt exploited, worse felt like a ‘weakness’. I learnt to show up tough, become more masculine, hide my heart and lost myself by degrees. The passion and the love that had previously characterized the business disappeared as I sped from day to day having to make brutal calls under intense financial pressure.

When it got to a point where I couldn’t walk out my front door without experiencing severe anxiety attacks and then a series of nervous breakdowns, my dark night began as much as my return to self and healing. Coming out of that process, and back into myself brought me back into touch with previous healing abilities I had dropped prior to the retail expansion and gave me a gift of being able to really support people through their own dark nights. An intuitive channelling gift that I had switched off in my late twenties returned with force and I have come back to a purpose and passion that makes my life joyous once again. I’m back in a new life, now designed around my heart-centredness where I can be who I am. In that process I stepped into my wounded healer, medicine women power in a far more powerful and holistic way than when it was only nutritional. I now understand every inch of my road and why I needed to go through the trials I did and can intuitively feel what another’s soul is calling for and how to assist with the various breakthroughs required to come back to self.

This is my life work and I couldn’t have arrived here without going through what I did. Helping people to see the sense and message in their pain and with the shifts required to breakthrough back to their real selves with love, is what I wake up to serve now, a joy larger than I could ever have known about prior.”

Healing from burn-out took her back to previous healing modalities that she worked in before getting into the organic food world. She returned to unlocking intuitive and conscious eating paradigms to heal her body, her prior psychology training, as well as intuitive channelling to understand the spiritual crises that led to what she now describes as her ‘beautiful and life altering dark night’.

Today, she incorporates this work with her clients on their road to healing with her organic lifestyle and nourishment coaching so you get a supportive life coach who helps you unlock the various natural healing mechanisms inherent in your own body, mind and soul. The result is a holistic and intuitive healing process with quick shifts supported by nourishment and spiritual healing.

This transformative experience creates what has been described as quick and deep shifts to deal with life crises which present for all of us as deep invitations to re-connect to our life purpose and a return to heart centred living and the adventure of living your true purpose.

To book time with Debbie Logan, please book hours on the site under ‘Intuitive Healing Private Sessions.’ Debbie will call to diarize your time, or contact her on 083 255 0861 / debbie@organicemporium.co.za

How to Order / Delivery Information

Each Monday the site is updated with what the weekly organic combination boxes will be.


These will change depending on Debbie’s best finds from her favourite farms as well as nutritional box combinations that assist with lifestyle nutritional improvements that commonly come up in her consulting practice.
You will then be able to place an order up until 2pm on Tuesday.
Orders placed on the site will be delivered on Thursday or Friday depending on your area. We will be in contact to advise which day your area falls in. If you would like to receive newsletters each week advising of the weekly options from Debbie, please subscribe to the newsletter. Otherwise - you can ask to be put on our Whatsapp groups to receive notice each Monday of what will be available. Debbie 083 255 0861


You will be able to add loose items to your combination box – you’ll find those under the various categories on the site.
Deliveries are to Jozi and surrounds, the site will adjust your delivery fee in accordance with your selected area.
If you would like us to source anything specific or special for you – including catering orders – you can contact Debbie on 083 255 0861 or debbie@organicemporium.co.za
We'll make sure you receive a quote and invoice to you, if payment is received by 2pm Tuesday he will include that for you in the Thursday/Friday delivery schedule.


Please take note that orders before 12pm will be delivered on the same day, and any order after 12pm will be delivered the following business day.

If you are unsure whether we deliver to your area, please contact us on:

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