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Our story

Taken over by food activist, food writer and organic food retailer Debbie Logan in her garage ten years ago, Organic Emporium's core mission is to make an organic lifestyle affordable and accessible.

Organic Emporium has worked with some of our country’s most compelling farmers for regenerative and organic farming models. Today it remains a connection hub between farmers and the consumers who want to access the best nutrition in the most convenient way.


From Debbie:

We have evolved over many years to meet the ever changing South African context and the realities of the farmers who feed us as well as the needs for convenience of a largely harried consumer needing transparency and better food choices.

After shutting down a retail store, the business has gone back to its roots of online deliveries as well as broadened its offering to respond to lessons learnt from that time. Debbie is as adamant as ever about working with the best South African organic farmers and educating consumers about what organic farming is at its core. The word organic has become tragically misunderstood and mis-shapen by marketing interests. By being transparent about the farming philosophy and farmer behind your food, we will continue to connect you the best nourishment we can find and the closest to an organic philosophy we can find. To get a better sense of the founding philosophy behind our ethos, please visit Debbie's blog for articles written through-out the years on farms and other food revolution issues.

About your cart options


Farms sourced for Organic Emporium by Debbie Logan or whom Debbie endorses


These items will be marked as such with the logo on your shopping options,

Other brands

Brands that are not organic but are better than conventional, conscious and ethical - will be marked with the logo of the organization sourced from.


For ingredients important for all round nourishment that aren't organic, they will be marked as such with a Wellness Logo.

Our Brands

The organic sector in South Africa isn't sufficiently developed enough to provide a full basket and so the brands represented here are the best examples of conscious sourcing that we can find.


Organic Emporium

These are The Organic Natural and Whole Food Emporium home brands. These will either be certified organic brands or farms Debbie Logan has worked with and endorses as being as close to an organic farming methodology as possible if they aren't certified. These also incluce the Organic Emporium range of convenience meals made using only organic ingredients.



These brands are not able to fall under the Organic Emporium brand, but have been requested as part of the wellness shopping cart. These may also include farms or products that are on route to becoming more organic but not there yet.

The Culinary

The Culinary is diligent and transparent about stocking produce from farmers that adhere to pasture raising or free range models. They offer better alternatives to conventional and industrial farming paradigms and pay good attention to making all their meals without additives and artificial colorants or preservatives. Their value-add products on pasture-raised meat as well as their convenience meals are of exceptional quality


The Leopard

Another one of Debbie's favourites because of Andrea Burgeners close attention to sourcing the most ethical ingredients she can find for her convenience meals. Another outlet known for their transparency, ethics and deep thought around sourcing, there meals are also of incredible quality and taste.


Leafy Greens

One of the first green businesses in Jozi 10 years ago alongside Organic Emporium, Antonio has led the way in the plant based food revolution.


Braeside has been a leader in Jozi for sourcing grass fed and free range meat options for over a decade. Caroline Mccann has been active in the sector for many years and was the first butchery in Jozi to bring grass fed meat to our tables.

How to Order / Delivery Information

We deliver daily to Central, Northern and Western Jozi Suburbs. We will be opening up to PTA and the East Rand and South into the future.


Our delivery service runs Monday - Friday.
All orders placed on the site before 12pm daily, will be delivered the same afternoon. If ordered after 12pm we will deliver the next day.


Online: You can browse our products through the ``SHOP`` link above. Add items to basket, and complete by clicking the checkout button.
Offline: If you prefer to order over phone or WhatsApp, please contact Themba our store manager on 060 362 5409 and he will compile your order.


Online - Your order is completed once payment has been processed through the PayFast gate-way.
In Person - We will bring a mobile speed point to use your credit card on delivery.


Our Organic Team

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Debbie’s right hand in the kitchen.


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