Organic Emporium newsletter archive

Owner of Organic Emporium, Debbie Logan writes the Organic Emporium newsletters covering a range of topics and items from recipes using in store ingredients to what is in store, features on her visits to the farms and other topical news.

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6 October 2016: Guest newsletter feature by Linda, personal product review of Superfood coffee, meet the team feature on Michael.

29 September 2016 newsletter: What’s on my mind feature: Organic labelling, meet the team Neo, sourcing heritage chickens, store updates and news 

22 September 2016 newsletter: Heritage Day meat tips and recipes, meet the team feature on Linda

16 September 2016 newsletter: My dinning experience at Mosaic restaurant, store news and meet the team feature on Sam

8 September 2016 newsletter: Re-visiting Aldersyde Lamb farm, yoghurt sauce to go with lamb, sinus remedy, meet the team: Cassandra.

2 September 2016 newsletter: Spring newsletter with roasted beetroot and Beatrix goat’s cheese salad, a visit to Beatrix goats cheese farm, learnings from being a 702 Small Business Award finalist and meet the team: Michael.

25 August 2016 newsletter: Re-visiting Mooberry farm & the source of our eggs, recipe for chocolate orange kefir smoothie, Death by Coffee feature

20 August 2016 newsletter: What’s on my mind: The bare bone truth of beef and how meat works, Kraut & Krunch kombucha

5 August 2016 newsletter: Recipe for real hot chocolate and recipe for chicken, olive, orange and cream bake

29 July 2016 newsletter: Chartwell Veggie Patch farm focus & feedback on store newsletter

22 July 2016 newsletter: Store decisions newsletter, your feedback is welcomed

15 July 2016 newsletter: Refined sugar free back to school snacks and healthy lunch box options

1 July  2016 newsletter: Sunday lunch inspiration, an easy, nourishing Sunday lunch idea & how to make winter cooking relaxing and satisfying

23 June 2016 newsletter: Debbie discusses boosting your immune system in winter with probiotic rich kefir smoothies & recipe for Osso Bucco

15 June 2016 newsletter: Two roasted pumpkin recipes and store news

8 June 2016 newsletter: Store news, Mila’s Meals launch recap, warming winter recipe & What is on my mind this week feature of the farms I don’t chose and why I am a proud failure of a retailer 

26 May 2016 newsletter: Mila’s Meals sweet potatoe muffins recipe & book launch info

20 May 2016 newsletter: What is in store, why Mila’s Meals is the essential book for parents, Herbivore cereals