Eggs, Mince and Rocket on Sourdough For Breakfast

Real Farm Breakfasts

Real Farm Breakfasts

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In no greater context is this true than when you’re talking about setting up steady blood sugar levels. If you’re a person like me who becomes insulin resistant at the hint of sugar and refined carbohydrate,  you’ll know much about the need to set up your blood sugar for the day with a good breakfast. I recently spoke to an endocrinologist about the rise in metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and polycystic ovarian syndrome and she estimates that nearly 80% of the western population have one or more of these metabolic imbalances created by exhausted pancreas’ over secreting insulin in response to diets typically too high in sugar.
A good breakfast that won’t set you up for a blood sugar crash 2 hours later and a consequent hunger for carbs to raise them, in my humble opinion needs to be cooked.
I have yet to find a quick, quick convenient breakfast that is nutrient dense and protein rich to stabilise blood sugar that doesn’t require a little time and attention in the kitchen. I make that time every morning to cook a full breakfast so that we sit down as a family to a big breakfast every single morning. The short-cuts just aren’t worth it and an added benefit is the fact that we sit down together to a meal before rushing off into our lives as a family each morning. It gets me to work a little later than I’m comfortable with, but it’s a trade-off worth making, I believe.
This breakfast is a favourite. Once a week, we always cook up a pot of bolognaise using Keith’s grass-fed mince (mail me if you want my favourite recipe)  it is slow cooked in organic tomatoes and is great for breakfasts like this, to quickly add to pasta or veggies for children’s lunches, or to have with omelettes.
This is one of my favourite breakfasts using produce from my favourite farms and food craftsman. It’s my most loved farms on a plate actually:)
Simply toast some of the Paris Pattisserie sourdough slices, slather on some of Mooberry’s butter made from the milk of pastured cows, top with grass-fed mince, eggs from New Harmony or Mooberry Farm, some fresh organic rocket and a crack of black pepper and salt.
It’ll keep you satisfied for hours and hours, promise!
While I’m talking about Paris Patisserie sourdough, the baker Paul Zwick has opened a new bakery in Blairgowrie that you really want to visit if you’re keen on artisanal french bakers. The return of any bakery to a neighbourhood is a monumental victory for the Jozi Real Food Revolution, this is a baker who does not bake with any GM ingredients, preservatives, colorants or additives, uses only stoneground flour, traditional fermentation techniques for sourdough and just proper craft and tradition in his food. If you’re in the area, I’d pop in to go and see Paul Zwick at 8 Mackay Street Blairgowrie. We always stock his frozen sliced sourdough loaves, see the stock under sourdough.
This is a Jozi Real Bread outlet. The reason we sell his loaves sliced and frozen is that we find many people just don’t eat enough before the loaf goes hard, it has no flour softeners or preservatives in so does go hard on day 3 even though it is still perfect to eat. With frozen slices, you can just take out what you need and keep the rest frozen, it defrosts beautifully without upsetting the quality of the bread at all.
It is a low-GI bread by definition too.
Some of you prefer the fresh round loaves we’re getting from the Culinary, we will always have those too, in larger households where a loaf of bread doesn’t stretch past 2 days, those ones work well and make kitchens smell beautiful to boot.
Try a slice of that with Mooberry butter and raw creamed Boekenhout honey and go to culinary heaven.
There is no greater dessert for me than that, other than boekenhout honey stirred through Mandy’s yoghurts with some real vanilla powder.

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