Karoo Lamb Is In, Jozi Real Food Revolution Victories and Old Traditions..

Organic Farm Produce

Organic Farm Produce

A quick one – truly – madly – deeply –  to let you know that some stock of Karoo Meat of Origin lamb has arrived.
I’ve ordered coconut oil and coconut milk as per your requests. Coconut oil should be in later this afternoon, coconut milk later on in the week, the only organic variety I can get is in 200ml small tins but it’s at least better than dodgy ones with corn sugar fillers!
Keep the requests rolling, the more I know what you need, the more I can shape this endeavour to meet you where you are.
I’ve attached 2 blog articles for you today. 
One is my first article about Kalahari Grass Fed Beef and Keith Harvey written in 2012. As I re-read it this morning, I was reminded of the incredible excitement at the time of representing a 100% grass-fed farm audited by SAMIC who are backed by the Department of Agriculture.  It was an incredible moment for us to bring this calibre of farming, farming philosophy and of beef to Jozi. I think back fondly this morning to the partners I had who helped make this a reality and to over a trillion memories of that heady time.  Even the sour memories, I think back to, fondly. That’s the benefit of hindsight and context, it makes sense of the frustrating parts of growth and struggle in such a beautiful way.
We didn’t know at the outset but soon realised, that we had a long road ahead, to get the logistics right, to get the right HACCP approved de-boning plant  to cut, to get the traceability perfect, to get the ageing right. We are still improving the processes month by month. The beef now, for example is being cut at one of the top 3 abattoirs in the country, Beef Master. This abattoir in Kimberley consistently has the highest HAS scores (humane animal slaughter) scores of any abattoir in the country. I heard recently that there scores are consistently over 85% . This is another improvement.
We aim to just get better and better at this. 
There is a lot in the article about Keith Harvey, about Kalahari Beef and about holism the principle that informs this type of farming and makes it the most environmentally sound form of farming that exists today. Just skim through to the parts that are the most meaningful for you.
Read more about the impact that holism (Keith Harvey’s farming method) has on reversing climate change by going to http://www.savoryinstitute.com. Skim through to read the highlights, I have bolded them for you for easier reading. Through-out the week, I will put snippets up on our FaceBook page.
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I heard yesterday that there is now a 2nd grass-fed protocol audited by SAMIC. I haven’t seen the standards for it yet, but if it is true and it is truly a grass-fed standard without grain, this is a monumental victory for the Jozi Real Food Revolution. To have more grass-fed audited beef available means that we’re heading somewhere. It means that there are others committing to full traceability and the selling of truly sustainable beef. It means SAMIC will be auditing the farms that are claiming grass-fed and that you’re not buying grass-fed but grain finished.
There is a great initiative underway presently to have a grass-fed national association born. There are many great farmers, food activists like myself, conservation experts and industry representatives convening this week to establish such an association.  I can’t wait to bring you more news of this.
The grass-fed movement is a collaborative global event and in South Africa it is made up of so many players, it is more than one person, more than one farm, more than one retailer or one ego, it is a collaboration between committed sustainable farmers, ethical retailers and the committed conscious consumer. Any victory here, is an environmental and spiritual victory for the whole. 
I can’t wait to bring you more news of this.
All of this activity has me fired this morning. It motivates me to sing from the rooftops, the praises for sustainable farms and to dedicate my working life to representing them and moving this real food revolution with you.
This can only succeed as a collective act of community. Every retailer, farmer and consumer upping their game and standards is a victory for all of us.
I commit to getting louder about all of this, not quieter. I commit to creating a larger voice standing by and for every farmer I meet who stands for the preservation of the environment, who stands for real food, farmed sustainably.
To those of you who regularly motivate me, whether positively, or negatively by aggravating my sense of what is just and fair, you are blessed motivators in equal measure. You know who you are and I appreciate you for the growth you inspire in me.
The second article is about why sourdough is the Real Bread that is a vital part of the Jozi Real Food Revolution. It’s only an introduction, I’m writing a solid article about sourdough this afternoon.
This will just introduce you to what is coming and to the best sourdough bread baking course in Jozi run by Penny Zeffert. Never mind, the principles, it is also the tastiest damn bread you’ll ever eat. True Story.
Much love, Much Passion, Much To Fight For, Much To Say, Committed To Real Food, Debbie

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