Off For A Bit, Sams in Charge, Cammy's Kale and Heavenly Apple and Cranberry Cinnamon Butter Dessert…

Real Food Comes From Farms

Real Food Comes From Farms

I’m going to be off for a short while. I’ve got a minor but necessary procedure I must get done, that will have me not all that mobile for a short time.
I was in a panic last night, not about the procedure mind you, but about being exposed to hospital food! No way am eating it.
So it just so happens that yesterday one of my favourite food bloggers, Lynne Whelen from put up a new post for no bake, grain-free choc nut ‘cookies’.
I made them last night so that I can take those in with me and then a lunch-box of last night’s left-overs just in case I have to eat there! These little snacks are delicious, the sugar content is so low, it’s teeny bit from the chocolate which is a 90% so barely there at all, most of the sweetness in her recipe comes from the soaked goji berries and dates. I made these last night and they were super quick and easy and they’re delicious – I’d highly recommend for lunch-boxes if you’ve got children who do eat nuts or just for when you need a treat that is whole, real and nutrient dense – see…No bake chocolate chip cookies..they are going to be a life saver for me today!
I’m leaving everything in Sam’s strong and able hand with Cassandra doing her thing packing your bags and managing collections, and trust all will be well. I will still be in daily contact with Sam for the remainder of the week and if all is well will be back early next.
So I need to be quick, I actually was writing up Cammy’s kale and apple dessert recipes late, late last night because I knew this morning was going to be a rush whack job in this household – we are the most scattered, noisy, all over the place family in the morning’s and when there is any disruption in the ‘routine’ that we already don’t master, it’s a ruddy circus.
Anyhow, so the most of what I wanted to tell you has been done. We spent a glorious Sunday afternoon at Ambersky with Cammy and Sarel and their delightful girls, I was so intrigued by how she cooks her kale and her apple dessert was too gorgeous, recipes she was happy to share, so I’ve put those below. Ambersky is our favourite local organic farm, they are bringing you those roast veg packs, the kale, the cooked meals, etc…I’m going to go back next week and get you some pictures of what’s coming up for Summer and the farm so that you can connect better with the farm supplying us with this amazing food. In the meantime, try cooking her kale and apple dessert!
We get fresh, large bunches of kale from them 3 x a week and they are always picked on the morning before they come in, so fresher, more local kale you won’t find. On the store it’s up under the stock code ‘AF’.
Blue Sky Organics – Olive oil is in and a range of new gorgeous olive products..
I’ve ordered organic coconut oil for those who have been asking, it should be in shortly. 
Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Beef is all in – fully stocked again of your favourite steaks, lots of mince, some marrow and stock bones..
Ricky’s pork is in – we’re freezing it today so that it doesn’t expire so the stock will be frozen.
New stock of the Karoo Meat of Origin lamb will be in on Wednesday. The packaging won’t look like it did prior, we’re having some challenges with that at the moment, and the new stickers may not be ready for a week but it’s the Karoo lamb that you love and trust.
Mandy’s dairy and eggs are all in. The kefir should be in this week too – buzz Sam if you want to know when it’s in
Right, let me run, if I hear my husband mutter about being late one more time, I’m going to launch one of Lynne’s snacks at him..
I’ll still be checking mail, just can’t commit to responding for the remainder of this week but I am here and will get back to you as soon as….
I’m not sure how many of you are around or away at the moment with the holidays?
So many of you are still asking about the shop – we will be putting in some fridges in the front and a point of sale of some description shortly so that there is a farm direct fridge for you to come and buy directly from, I need a couple more weeks to get that ready..nearly there…ok I must love and leave you, I can hear my husband coming up the stairs to nag me on!
🙂 Debbie

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