Chocolate Mousse
For the Afrikoa chocolate chips – (55% sweetest recipe, 70% lowest sugar content, 80% no sugar sweetened with xylitol) – the best results I get are with a blend of 70% and 55%. For serious chocolate lovers go all 70% – if you’re going to face children who will reject a too strong chocolate taste – mix in 55%. If you’re making this for people on a low sugar, high fat diet – use 80% with xylitol)
  1. Get all your ingredients ready. Heat water in a pot that will hold a glass bowl over it snugly.
  2. Boil the water, add the chocolate disks into the glass bowl.
  3. Make sure it is a bowl that fits snugly over the top of the pot. The boiling water is going to heat the base of the glass bowl and start melting the chocolate. Stir constantly as the chocolate melts.
  4. When the chocolate is almost all melted, remove the bowl from the pot – there will still be enough heat on the base of your bowl to carry on melting the last bits of chocolate. If you leave it all to melt over the heat, you can quickly start to over-do it which will temper the chocolate incorrectly and it will lose its smooth consistency.
  5. When your chocolate is all melted, smooth and glossy – still working with your bowl now off the heat – stir the honey and vanilla into it. Once all mixed together, leave it to stand and cool while you get your eggs ready.
  6. Beat the egg whites to stiff peak. For less experienced cooks – please don’t panic here. If you don’t work these egg whites to stiff – you still cannot fail this recipe. I have done it with stiff peak egg whites and soft peak and all that changes, is the consistency of the mousse. It is equally delicious whichever way the eggs turn out and how much air is incorporated into them – so you can’t get this wrong. If you whip to stiff peak – it just makes a firmer mousse where the air bubbles hold once you add the chocolate mixture. If the peaks are soft and the bubbles collapse – the mouse just isn’t aerated but then has a smooth velvet chocolate consistency with lighter bits at the top which is equally appealing.
  7. All I did was beat the egg whites on speed 4 on a Kitchenaid food processor with the whisk attachment. If you don’t have one and still are starting to reverse because I said beat to stiff peak – and frightened you – just put the egg whites in a bowl and whisk until they are foamy and your wrists give in. That’s all. As long as you get the egg whites frothy whether to soft or stiff peaks – this is still going to be delicious, it’s just the texture that changes.
  8. Once your egg whites are whisked – fold your chocolate, vanilla and honey mixture into the egg whites. When I say fold, all I mean is don’t stir through vigorously. Just take a spatula and fold the mixture in. What we’re trying to do is get the chocolate mixture to blend with the egg whites without collapsing the air in the egg whites. If we stir, the spoon will collapse the bubbles – folding gently helps incorporate the two without losing the air in the egg whites which will give the mousse texture.
  9. Once you’re happy that it’s mixed, simply pour the mousse into the dishes you want to serve them in.
  10. I used ramekins and consistently get 9 servings in ramekin portions. If you have larger dessert bowls you’ll get less but the ramekin sizes are good – with so much of this recipe being about real good chocolate without nonsense, good cream and good pastured eggs – it is rich and fulfilling.
  11. You won’t want large portions of this, it’ll ruin the decadence of it – it is rich and deep. A chocolate mousse you eat slowly and savor.
  12. Put into the fridge to set until you want to serve, minimum set time around 4 hours. No maximum – these are great to pre-make when you’re entertaining and just leave in the fridge until you’re ready to serve.
Recipe Notes

* use Eddie’s Eggs or Heathers as they have a good amount of egg white
** Boekenhout is also great but adds a distinctive honey tone to the mousse. If you want chocolate to be the accent – use a honey with a less distinct note like wild flower. Aloe will also work well this this recipe.